7 Tips to help protect your BMW and your pocket book

These tips may seem like common sense, but remember, sometimes common sense isn’t so common. If you practice these easy steps, you will save a lot of money and frustration.

  1. Change your oil every 7,000-7,500 miles if you are using synthetic oil.
  2. Check your oil and other fluids on a regular basis. Doing this while waiting for your car to fill up with gas is a great time to do this. If you are having to add fluids more often that you think is normal, by all means bring it in to find out why.
  3. Be aware of your temperature gauge and take not of it’s normal position after warming up. If for ANY reason your temperature gauge start to climb into the red (BIG MONEY SAVER) STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! and call for a tow truck. Your engine could blow a head gasket or worse cease if you continue to drive it.
  4. If your check engine light comes, please stop by and get the code scanned to see what the problem is. Sometimes it is something very simple, but other times it could be something that should be taken care of immediately.
  5. If you notice anything that is not normal such as a smell or a sound that wasn’t there before, you should bring it in instead of hoping it will just go away. A smell or  a sound that is caught early enough could save you from a BIG bill later on.
  6. Tires are very expensive and it would be wise to keep your suspension and alignment checked on a regular basis as a properly aligned car’s tires can last up to 3 times as long.
  7. Always check your tire tread on your car as many times there will be wear on the inside of the tire that doesn’t show unless you get down on your knees to look. A blow out can cost you a lot or worse if it happens at the wrong time. So, check tread wear and air pressure at least twice per month.

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